Warren Buffett of Canada

There are a lot of things that are special to Canada. They have the famous Canada Dry beverage that so many Americans. People get to enjoy their rich culture in the sport of Hockey. That’s a sport that isn’t as appreciated as basketball or football because they can often have draws and periods. They are also popular with some other winter sports. They have some large cities that you can be a part of. There are some very tall building that will impress you a lot. There are so many reasons to go to this town. They care about their people more than other countries. What’s more important than anything else are the economics. You get to learn so much.

Canada has their own currency. Despite Canada having a much lower population density for its size, the money is actually worthless. American money is seen as the more valuable currency as opposed to Canadian money. Canadian money is also colored while American money is purely green. There are a lot more options that people have when it comes deciding what the country wants, decisions can become almost unanimous. There are also laws put in place to make trading easier. This is how it makes things so easy for Buffet.

Warren gets to see the good business ideas in Canada, they can put millions of dollars into that company. Then, if he’s lucky they can expand into American branches. That’s a great thing because their audience spreads and everyone wins. What’s more important is that you get what you need out of the program. People need to make sure that they aren’t caught up in something that they actually decide not to like.

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