Warren Buffett Obama

Warren Buffet is a renowned American investor, philanthropist and one of the most successful business guru to walk the earth. He is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Surprisingly, Warren Buffet has a relationship with Obama; presidential blood runs in the family. Their relationship portrays that money and politics go hand in hand.

Warren Buffett and Barack Obama relation began when genealogist decided to follow up on the lineage of the “Oracle of Omaha,” which lead them to discover a president in his extended family tree. By that time there was no other president, but the once sitting president; Barack Obama. Maureen Duvall who happens to be their common ancestor, being Warren’s 6th and Obama’s 9th great-grandfather.

Duvall emigrated from his home in France to Maryland in the 1650 and worked as an imported laborer. Nine years down the line, he had managed to acquire a piece of land in the state and gave it the name “middle plantation.” Duvall was a conservative man when it came to his political life and stingy supporter of James II.

Warren Buffett and Obama have an intriguing background, for those who have checked on their environments. The genealogist guys are so mesmerized by Obama since he was Illinois’ junior senator. They also found out his 3rd great-grandfather emigrated from Ireland which links Obama to A-list actor Brad Pitt whom they are 9th cousins.

The Ancestry folks made strange bedfellows and undisclosed that Warren and Obama are both related to a way back vice president Dick Cheney. Ever heard of the “Duvall,” does it ring a bell! Robert Duvall an academy award winning actor is Warren’s 7th cousin.

The guy who played the Great Santini also has a relationship with Obama. Money and politics run through their veins making them stand out and famous.

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