Warren Buffett News

Warren Buffett influence in the financials is so huge that he is one of the investors whose opinion about various matters affecting the industry are thoroughly sought after. As the most successful investor in the stock market, his opinion on matters of finances matters a lot. From time to time, he holds interviews with business news media to give his opinion. Rarely will Warren Buffett stay out of the headlines since every move he makes is followed by millions of investors? Everyone wants to know what he is buying and selling and even what his opinion is about the digital currencies.

So, clearly, Warren Buffett will be on the new for everything he does. One of the topics that have been on the news headline lately is his sentiments on the possibility of investing in Microsoft. Warren is known to be very good friends with Microsoft founder Bill Gates. However, Warren has indicated that he is not ready to invest in Microsoft despite investing in the rival firm, Apple. Microsoft has done very well in the last one year thanks to its cloud computing services. The share value of the company has gone up and is now up 40% in just one year and the total net-worth of the company now stands at $733 billion.

Warren Buffett has said categorically that Berkshire will never invest in Microsoft as long as he is the CEO. Being a good friend of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett fears that it would look mischievous for him to invest in the company and the stocks shoot up like it happened in Apple. It would be thought that Gates may have leaked insider information to Warren assisting him to make a fortune from the company. To keep his trading history clean, he is not ready to engage in any business where he is tightly connected with the owner.

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