Warren Buffett News Today

Many investors love the work that is being done by Warren Buffett as the leader of the business conglomerate known as Berkshire Hathaway. The business have been on a constant trend of growth since he joined in 1965. His achievement with this business is what makes many investors perceive him as the king of investments. It is rare ti find a business person who will achieve such level of success over such a long time. Eve with the financial crisis that has been witnessed in this century and even in the last one, Warren Buffett has never found himself on the wrong side of business. He has a business strategy which cushions him from all the adverse effects of financial crisis.

Warren Buffet rarely misses in the headlines of business media. Every move he makes is closely monitored by the business media. He attends interviews in media houses such as the CNBC and Bloomberg. Recently, he has been in the headlines following the release of the annual letter he releases to the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway. He has also been in the news for the annual conference of the shareholders which happened at the beginning of the month.

Warren recently put confidence in the future of Wells Fargo, one of stocks which take up a huge percentage of his portfolio. Although the bank is going through some rough time dealing with a scandal involving fake accounts, Warren believes that the stock will continue to thrive in coming days. Since the scandal l erupted two years ago, he has not sold even a single share of the bank.

Another thing Warren has defended is his purchase of Apple stocks. He bought these stocks because he felt Apple had achieved all the requirements he looks for in a business. Although he does like to technology stocks, Apple proved to be consistent in its business.

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