Warren Buffett Netjets

Warren Buffett never quits mesmerizing people due to his continuous progress in different business ventures. He owns quarter-share owners of Hawker 1000 for his Berkshire Hathaway company. Hawker 1000 is a representative of the Net Jets brand which is one of the known business suppliers of jets. Warren Buffett NetJets is a great venture.

Warren Buffett first flew with NetJet services in 1995.Mr. Buffett he later invested in the company three years later. Warren Buffett decided to increase his fleet of new jets fourteen years later by expanding the billion dollar investment of Berkshire Hathaway Company. Warren Buffett has always stood his ground on investing and reinvesting in order to earn maximum profits so as to get the value for the price paid.

NetJets was formed in 1964 and it is a major shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway which sells private business jets in America. NetJets is one of the first private business jet charter and aircraft management company in the world. Columbus, the headquarters of NetJets are in Ohio which has lots of charters including those from China to build an aircraft provider service in China.

NetJets has a category of jets that it sells to its customers and shareholders depending on the weight of their pocket. Owners of NetJets are required to pay a monthly maintenance fee for the planes. There has been a raising argument between NetJets and Internal Revenue Service since NetJets Company argues that it should pay the same tax as the commercial airlines of which the Internal Revenue Service disagrees with them since the NetJets Company earns more than the other airlines.

NetJets Company is a proud owner of more than 700 aircraft in the world. The airline continues to be popular since its travelers continue to enjoy the benefits and embrace shortcomings of the charter service. NetJets Company has continuously fulfilled its duty by serving its function to meet the peoples’ most important needs thus creating satisfaction. Who does not want to fly in comfort and class?

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