Warren Buffett Net Worth and Savings

That’s the third richest man in the world I’m sure one of them forgets enough of people asking him his net worth and that word is not a reflection of the money A man does or does not have is the reflection of the amount of assets they have since Warren Buffett owns the holding company he has more assets then most people would he is a billionaire however but it is the number of Holdings and stocks that he owns and his company Berkshire Hathaway that puts him over the top and make some the third richest man in the world he doesn’t have all of this money accessible at one time but leave the sum of all of his assets and tangible property are included in this the current net worth of Warren Buffett is 82.7 million dollars but Warren Buffett has been a billion there for years, not spending his money on frivolous things such as cars clothes and bigger houses one before has a mass more money than a lot of millionaires have nowadays because everyone feels like they have to have the newest car or the nicest house on the Block Warren Buffett sees through all of that in those that positions do not make you who you are rather than experience is due he does not buy into the status quo of society being the third richest man in the world Warren Buffett has nothing to prove with money so instead he donates It to charitable causes to hopefully change the living circumstances of someone who really needs it not to say that Warren Buffett does not have a nice car he has a 2014 Cadillac XTS that he bought but he does not have a fleet of cars like your favorite music artist he is really interested in helping the world.

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