Warren Buffett Net Worth 2017

Last year was a very good year for Warren Buffet. in fact it was one of his biggest years yet. The reason why this was such a successful year for Buffet was the fact that his estimate net worth shot up to around $81 billion in October of last year. This was not an easy thing for him to accomplish in fact he made some decisions that could have sent him way down in his fortune had they not worked out for him in the long run. This increase in wealth has made him the third richest person in the world and has got a lot of people to pay more attention to the advice that he dispenses in their investments.

The road to his fortune has been filled with a lot of successes as well as a number of failures that he has had to learn from. All of these failures have given him the experience that he needed to go back to the drawing board and help to not make the same mistakes in the future with other investments. This is what has led him to not only be one of the richest people in the world but also one of the people that so many come and seek out his wisdom to help them in their investments to make wise choices for their finances.

What will the new year hold in store for Warren Buffet, that is something that has yet to be seen chances are that it will lead to him having yet another banner year and will see him having a year where his overall wealth goes up even higher? There is a good chance that he will actually hit a level where he will take the #2 spot on the annual list and when you look at the fact that Buffet is 87 years old, you have to be somewhat impressed with his accomplishments.

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