Warren Buffett Nephew

The word richest person he has ensured that he has made a substantial investment to his generation. One of his nephews has soared in value. The company by registration is known as Boston Omaha Corporation that he is based in the city of Omaha. The primary objective of the company is to sell billboards. The firm also does activities involving the advertisement and is widely known for providing services to do with the surety insurance.

On the recent announcement of the company is that it has now a more significant extent improved its value by $36.3 million. The name of this billionaire nephew is called Alex Rozek he is also the manager and the chair of this company. Alex dismissed the ongoing report that the company was getting financial assistant from Oracle rather he said that the company by now could stand alone without any help from anywhere. He corrected those who thought the company was with the help of the Berkshire Hathaway Company and said that they had their investor who believes in his firm.
One of the best advantages about the company is that it has got a lot of tenders coming from the city and for this reason, the company revenue increased from $1.04 million up to $2.38 million on the same report. Over the last three season, the Alex Company has had a lot of gains totaling to about 33%. It was exciting to hear most investor comments on how they were looking for the next Warren Buffett.

The better part of that component came when some mention that he already existed in the same family and these remarks were being referred to Buffett nephew Alex. The nephew has been performing so well in the business field and more especially the ground that he took interest on. Many people attribute that he has mastered Buffett tricks of dealing with investment.

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