Warren Buffett Mistress

The word mistress is a fine line in the Buffett household. With a personal situation that has helped shape the core of his love life, that has been readily accepted by his family and friends. A relationship that has grown from friendship to romance.

The relationship between Warren Buffett and his wife Susie’s friend Astrid; had a long history in the making that is seen as unconventional to many. Astrid a long time friend of Susie Buffett had always been a part of the family and had been a close confidant of Susie.

When Susie decided to move from the family home in Omaha, Nebraska to pursue charity and foundation desires for helping others;she sent Astrid over to help Warren get back on his feet. He had grown into a deep depression for not having his wife around as a source of stability and foundation. This incident grew Warren and Astrid closer together and eventually into a romance.

Even though he was still married to Susie and still had a love for each other he also found himself in love with Astrid. Through the years they all grew a certain acceptance of the situation that has actually helped in their friendship amongst each other and grown as an individual.

The love affair between Astrid and Warren Buffett has made many question their situation. For the two of them, it has been an acceptance that family and friends have always acknowledged and been great with. Susie, Astrid, and Warren have found a type of love and understanding that has built their relationships into something that had grown.

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