Warren Buffett Meets with 20 CCU Students

At the end of this week, 20 Coastal Carolina University students are going to travel to Omaha Nebraska and meet with Warren Buffett, billionaire investor.

As the chief executive officer and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett meets with students throughout the United States several Fridays each year and discusses how to succeed in the business world.

The CCU students received this chance due to fellow CCU alum Alexander Klaus, a businessman from Huntersville North Carolina, based on information learned from the school. During this school trip, university administrators and the students from CCU’s Wall College of Business Administration will tour TD Ameritrade, Berkshire Hathaway and some other businesses, all the while meeting with these company executives.

On Friday, the students and other members of the University faculty will be able to ask questions and have lunch with Buffett.

Many other universities have been able to participate in this program, including Stanford University, MIT’s Sloan School of Business and Harvard Business School.