Warren Buffett McDonald’s

Warren Buffett is a lover of fast food but in particular McDonald’s. He has to stop there every morning to get his breakfast and has made this a morning ritual for decades. His wife puts change in his cup holder so that he can buy him a meal from McDonald’s every morning.

One of the biggest fast food restaurants in the world is one of the most favorited restaurant spots for the $85 billionaire. This has been a ritual that he has continued for himself every day and it is a go to for him and helps him start his day. With a Coca-Cola in hand he has redefineed the way, young and old eat. This 87-year-old is not caught up on health tips and tricks. He goes off of what he feels and what he likes and that’s how he also determines which stocks to buy as well.

McDonald’s has become his go to because there’s always a McDonald’s 5 minutes away from wherever he’s located. The restaurant has made it very convenient for him to start his morning off the way that he would like to give him a hot breakfast on his way to work. Never forgeting to get his Coca-Cola which is his go-to drink. This billionare has defied all odds with his McDonald’s diet. Stopping to be caught up in what others think, he has made his own lane, with how it eats and what he feels is good to him.

Warren Buffett and his current wife Astrid have had a daily ritual that has helped the billionaire start his day off each day. Making McDonald’s be his go-to breakfast for in the morning.

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