Warren Buffett May Upgrade His Car

Warren Buffet Lincoln Town Car is always an important luxury to Buffett. There are times where he wanted to invest in another car, but instead, he chooses to drive the car that is familiar to him. He doesn’t look at buying stocks into cars, because there are so many to choose from. He values the cars he already owns.

Warren has held on to all of his cars, and in fact, he chooses to purchase stock instead of worrying about what he is driving. The billionaire has a lot to brag about, and Buffett feels like he can help his family more when he doesn’t worry about his cars. Buffett loves Lincoln cars because of the low maintenance that the vehicle requires.

Buffett doesn’t put all of his value into his vehicles because of wanting to buy more forms of transportation. He values the purchases that he has made so far. And because of that value, in 2018, he gets to enjoy his family even more. Buffett would rather that his family enjoy the work that he has put in throughout the years instead of simply investing in a vehicle. If you feel good, you can always wash your car. It will look like it’s brand new.

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