Warren Buffett Market Timing

Timing is something that can’t be understated to your life. There is something that is so special about making sure that you do things at the right time. That can decide who your future lover is going to be, or the job that you have. These things are things that can impact you for the rest of your life, yet these are moments that happens in instants. There is something so special about making sure that you have to get everything right. A true master makes sure that he can improve his craft. This is the cold hard reality of investing and what you have to put up with.

Timing is gained through knowledge and experience. You have to see the aftermath of your mistakes sometimes. That’s a really good thing to make sure that you have a lot fun doing it. It isn’t just something done to get over with. There is a certain appreciation that you have to have for this kind of work. That’s why it’s something that’s not for everyone. You have to have some self control and make sure that you have fun for yourself. You get to have a great experience meeting people.

Sometimes, these stocks will go up and down. There will always be winners and loser in this game of life. When stocks go down, Warren Buffet says that a good thing. That’s how you know that the system isn’t corrupted. You, the consumer will have to pay a large tax when you decide to sell your stocks. That’s why you need to hold onto your stocks that are increasing. There is something for each individual to gain in this process that you may find not fun or demeaning. Ask people around you which stocks are likely to increase or decrease.

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