Warren Buffett Makes $10 Million Donation to Haifa Hospital

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is donating the approximate amount that he accumulates over seven hours, which equates to $10 million, to Haifa’s Rambam Hospital, to honor the facility’s 75th year of existence.

Eitan Wertheimer had the privilege of announcing Buffett’s contribution, according to information in Globes business newspaper. In 2006, Buffett paid the Wertheimer family a total of $6 billion for his first acquisition in Israel, and again this past May for the total of shares of the Iscar tool making company.

Buffett states that he has a love for Israel because it’s an investor’s pot of gold, plus his closeness with the Wertheimers has paid off in a big way for Rambam.

Throughout 2013, Warren Buffett earned an approximate $37 million each day. This is based on the net worth increase of $12.7 billion since 2012, thanks to a serious bull market in the US.

Buffett has to settle for second place as the richest man in America, even though his net worth is $59.1 billion. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft currently holds the top spot at $61.1 billion. Gates has not donated anything to Rambam at this point.