Warren Buffett Loves To Work

When you look at CNN, you will notice that Warren Buffett is mentioned constantly. Warren Buffett work ethic goes back to when he was a kid. The time that he spent learning about stocks was usually on weekends. He studied hard to understand what it would take to make it in the business industry. Warren Buffett seemed to grow fans in the neighborhoods. He traveled around to see how much candy he could sell and possible split the profit with one of his good friends. That didn’t work for Buffett. He ended up selling the candy and starting a magazine delivery business. Well, that covers his childhood. He grew up with the knowledge that people needed his help with getting products. As a result, Warren Buffett saved his money to take on an arcade business. The investment that he wanted all of his life happened when he bought the pinball machines.

Warren Buffett ended up teaming up with his friend and splitting the profit on that. The friend finally saw the picture that Buffett was trying to show him. Warren Buffett was proud to introduce the arcade games to barbershops and buildings. The people that were in the area would try the pinball machine for 1 cent, and all the money added up to be close to a hundred dollars per week. That was only in the beginning. He kept on marketing and ended up making a thousand dollars per week which was unheard of for a teen.

The neighborhood wanted to see what else the kid would come up with, and instead, he saved his money to invest in stocks. He was a proud business owner, but he couldn’t afford to lose his money. He took a trip to talk to the owners of Geico, and that is when Warren Buffett knew what was best for him to invest in. There were clothing items that were starting to surface. When that happened, Warren Buffett decided to invest in textiles. This made him thousands of dollars within the first year of the investment.

Warren Buffett would never spend his money. He would save it until it was time to spend the money. It had to be a valid reason. Warren Buffett is known to have the greatest work ethic. It shows when you see the figures that he has made. Today, Warren is proud to be a billionaire, and he plans own investing in other futuristic goals.

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