Warren Buffett Loves To Chow On Lunch

If you want to impress Warren Buffett, you can meet him for a charity give at lunchtime. Warren Buffett food reflects his happiness. It is known around the world, Warren Buffett loves the food at the Dairy Queen. You can have your whole meal there, and then, there could be a surprise at the end which is an ice cream cone. Those are the days where you may have extra. You may top if off with a Dilly Bar. That is how you impress Warren Buffett. You have to have a little simplicity.

Warren Buffett does like those all you can eat days at Golden Corral. It has to be a special time when he books Golden Coral to fix his favorite steaks. But since Warren Buffett handles his business, the biggest treat is ice cream.

Warren Buffett loves to eat the cooking of his wife. She even knows to have his favorite ice cream or a cheesecake. Buffett never forgets that famous million dollar pie. It is all good to him, but he still wants people who are poor to receive a blessing from him through charity. He does give food when he needs too.

Warren Buffett is laid back to the point to where he will pay for meals if he sees the need too. Food is a major part of the business, and Warren Buffett has invested in food. But when you have your favorite food, you have to top it off with Coca-Cola. Warren Buffett loves that soft drink so much that he has to have a Coca-Cola with his meals.

When it is time to be a little more social, Warren Buffett will have cheese with his wine. He has expensive taste in wine. Buffett can afford to be because of working so hard. When you want great wine and a great business, Warren Buffett is the perfect person to feast with.

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