Warren Buffett Loves Coca-Cola

And company that profits off of Warren Buffett but it’s not on from him is Coca-Cola Industries Warren Buffett drinks at Coca-Cola with his breakfast everyday and his whole breakfast cost around $3, this is just the one way that Warren Buffett keeps his billionaire status going by not spending all of his money Warren Buffett does not let material things have a major impact on his life as the general public does and this is a big reason he’s able to give back in the way that he does. Warren Buffett drink so much Coca-Cola that he considers himself 1/3 of the product staying at this is where his energy comes from the keeps him young, he was also good friends with the former president of Coca-Cola Industries before his passing. Warren Buffet insist that he consumes 2700 calories a day but he also says the about one-third of these calories are Coca-Cola’s ensuring that he gets five 12oz servings of the soda everyday. He drink so much Coca-Cola that it would not make sense for him not to invest in this soda brand owning 9% of the stock or 16 million dollars Warren Buffett is essentially paying his self to drink the soda that he so thoroughly enjoys. Stating that he has three Coca-Cola’s in the morning and 2 at night before bed he has set a system up and when she can intake his favorite soda and still get enough nutrients throughout the day to not let this affect him severely. It’s a rare vice to have him in the third richest man in the world but Warren Buffett seems content with this habit is he investing the company the money he spends virtually comes right back to him Warren Buffett and Coca-Cola have a wonderful relationship.

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