Warren Buffett Lives In His First Home That He Purchased In 1958.

There is not a more well known figure in the financial world, or in the world in general then Warren Buffett. The man is a sheer genius at investing, and has coined the term value investing in more ways then one. Naturally there are many new investors of this generation who want to gain as much knowledge as they can from Warren, even in fact going as far as to find his home address. Well, the thing about Warren is that he doesn’t believe in extravagant spending, and in fact has only ever spent a great sum of money on his private jet plane finally after many years.

His home in Omaha was purchased in 1958 for $31,000 and he has said over and over again that this modest home was the best investment that he has ever made. One might wonder why a man worth billions still lives in the same home, well Warren doesn’t believe in being extravagant and is actually quite happy with his home. Over the years he has made subtle improvements to the home to make it quite modern, and recently had to install a rod iron gate to keep all of the tourists out. It has been said that Warren gets about 300 letters a day to his home, and even more to his office address.

The amazing thing is that Warren Buffett does actually live at his home in Nebraska, although most of the time he is traveling around the country and the world as a commentator on financial broadcasts and doing lectures at universities. His home is no slouch, being worth somewhere around $630,000 nowadays. This is a handsome profit over what he paid for it, although Warren will likely never sell his original home and this is part of the reason that so many respect him around the financial community.

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