Warren Buffett Lives In A Home That Is Priceless

Warren Buffett doesn’t always want to flash his money. He chooses to keep a low profile when it comes to living. Warren knows that he can afford more, but he doesn’t want to over spend. The Warren Buffett house is said to be worth a small amount of what his total income is. In his viewpoint, the house is big enough for the Buffett family.

Warren lives in Omaha, Nebraska where he got his nickname the “oracle of Omaha.” Buffett feels like there is no reason to leave his hometown. It is where he feels comfortable, and it is where all of his family lives. The Buffett house is still pretty fancy, and it’s decorated to fit the taste of Warren and his wife. Buffett knows that his wife doesn’t mind decorating, but he feels that he spent his first earnings to live comfortably, Buffett is not worried about being flashy.

With five bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, Warren has been living in the same house since 1958. With decades in the same house, he always seems to change some of the scenery inside whether it’s buying new curtains, bed comforters, lamps, sheets, dishes, televisions, and computers.

The detail is in the decorating, and because he has saved his money and invested where he needed to, he can decorate anytime he pleases. Warren teams up with his wife and kids on some occasions to decorate for the holidays. Buffett loves to see decorations in his house, but he is not too fond of decorations outside of his house.

Warren Buffett’s home would be worth a quarter of a million dollars in today’s times. He has made changes over the years to increase the value. Living in Nebraska helps Buffett and his family relax and enjoy the suburban life. Never looking to be famous, Warren Buffett would rather be familiar with his surroundings than change his home.

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