Warren Buffett : List of Companies

Warren Buffett has a list of companies that he made big investments in. There are actually 10 of them and how some of them made his list no one knows. Apparently, Buffett knows what he is doing because all of them are prospering.

The first one on the list is Apple. Buffett liked what he saw in terms of the company profits. He replaced Wells Fargo with Apple. Next on the list is Wells Fargo. It is still profitable and made it on the list. Coming in third is Bank of America. Their Q4 is unchanged. Coke A Cola is next on the list as number four. American Express is number five . Why not have the lead credit card on your list? If Warren Buffet chooses to have a small business on his list when he sees potential. This is number six. Number seven is next with US Bankcorp. Moody’s Corporation is number eight. Bank of New York Mellon is number 9. Number 10 is Southwest Airlines.

All of these companies possess financial strength and that is what counts. Buffet knows how to choose businesses too but shares in that will continue to grow. He has not given up on Wells Fargo. He believes the giant will come back but for now, Apple keeps the top spot. The company grows in revenue year after year. It is because of the products they sell. Everyone is looking for the next big thing. It is the same way with investing. Apple has the iPhone but Buffett has the shares.

If people would take the time to listen to Buffett, then they can succeed. All you need is ears to hear. That will go a long way. This is a very comprehensive list. These companies are giants in their industry and will continue to prosper.

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