Warren Buffett Life

In their family, Warren Buffett is the second born among the three children. He was born In a town of Omaha and his mother was a very known homemaker. The time that he was born was around August in the year 1930. Currently, his still lives in a very good house that he had bought in the late 50s. He also owns a private jet that he uses it to go for public functions and the meetings that he has to attend. He lives a life that most people do not expect out of him despite him being the third richest tycoon in the world.

When he was about 10 years old his father decided to go with him to New York City where they met a Dutchman who was among the member who had joined the stock exchange.

aThe guy introduced them to the group and they were registered from this Warren Buffett started developing his interest in business and investment. At the age of 11 years, he decided to buy three types of shares from the cities service. At that time they were costing about $38 per each share he waited until they were about $40 and decide to sell them.

He had to wait for this small profit to accumulate and this experience is what helped him to become one of the great financial investors in the globe. During his time in college, he tried to advise his close friends and associate to carry out their business idea.
At his young age, he had a lot of cash that even made him cancel down his invitation to the prestigious school of business. Thanks to his father who advises him to focus first in education and would later come back to the business field. Buffett obeyed the will of his father and went to the school of business.

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