Warren Buffett Letters to Shareholders

Warren Buffett is the Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., the company with the biggest stock portfolio in the world. As the head of this company, he has a mandate of informing of the shareholders about the progress the company has made every calendar year. Every year at the end of February or the beginning of March, he releases an annual letter to the shareholders telling them what has transpired for the last one year in the company. He has been releasing the letter every year since 1977. This letter has become popular in recent years with more people following what he is doing in terms of stock investments.

Warren Buffett treats the shareholders of the company as guests who do not know what has happened in the last one year. He gives a detailed report of the firm’s progress with investments. Warren Buffett has indicated in his annual letter that Berkshire is only interested in companies which have a durable competitive edge and with high-grade management. Berkshire only invests in top companies which have proved to have a good hold of the market. Buffett does not invest in ideas that have not been proved. You will find him investing in firms such as Apple, Wells Fargo, IBM and Coco-Cola.

Warren Buffett annual letter has moved from just a letter focused on the Berkshire Hathaway firm to concentrate on the general investment in all manner of fields. The letter is followed widely by people across the world who want to learn a thing or two about investments. In 2017 edition of the letter, Warren Buffett slammed hedge fund managers for taking advantage of their clients. They are not generating small profits yet they want to take the huge chunk of the profits.

Annual letter by Warren Buffett comes out before the annual conference is held in Omaha.

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