Warren Buffett Letter to Shareholders 2016

The annual letter that Warren Buffett writes to his shareholders is renowned throughout the entire investment community, and many people wait for this letter to come out. This is usually the letter where Warren discusses what is going on with his businesses and investments, and he also takes a hard look at the markets themselves. This is a great way for would-be investors and even Warrens own shareholders to get an idea of where the market is going and where Berkshire Hathaway is going. 2016 was a trademark year for Warren Buffett and his investment company, and with the profits looking better then ever Warren was able to outline his plan for the next year.

Warren Buffett let his investors know that it is their job to deliver significant growth, no matter how bumpy the market might be. He has shown a significant level of growth with Berkshire Hathaway since the 80s, when the company finally shuttered its textile business all together and begin to focus on the business of acquiring companies. The thing that makes Warren such a unique investor is the fact that he can zero in on the future, and with the market starting to recover after the great recession Warren is continuing to build his war chest to be able to acquire more assets.

The future looks bright for Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, who has a solid team of executives who are driving the company into the future. With Warren at the helm the company seems to be turning record profits, and of course we all know about the Geico insurance company from the memorable television commercials that come on almost daily on almost every network. Warren Buffett has some amazing brands on his hands, and 2016 looks to be a record year for him.

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