Warren Buffett Latest Stock Picks

Warren Buffett latest stock picks has been one of the most applauded stock investors in the industry. His picks are highly scrutinized and coveted. Making some of the most sound and respected pics in the industry whenever he endorses or goes with a company, it is highly watched.

Some of his latest stock picks and stocks that he owns personally for his Berkshire Hathaway organization is American Express, Apple, and Coca-Cola. These are three organizations and corporations that have been big earners in the stock exchange and have grown the organization to many heights

With American Express being on the stock exchange for $98.35 it is a multinational Financial Corporation credit card company with a net worth of 2.74 billion. And being a leader in the credit card industry and one of the heavy hitters on the stock exchange with many investors sticking out its great potential.

Another organization that is high on Warren Buffett list is the Apple brand with its stock being $183.83 is an innovative accessory, entertainment, and technology brand that is the leader in its industry for setting the standard in communication and tech products. With his iPhone being the number one mobile phone in the industry.

One of the Third best stock picks is Coca-Cola with its stocks being worth $42.36 and being the number one provider of still and sparkling beverages beating out other beverage corporations.
This brand has been one of Warren Buffett’s favorite beverage brands of his personal choices. This one of his most favorite companies with him consuming it on a regular basis.

If individuals have been longing to have an opportunity to know what the best stock picks are in what Warren Buffett might endorse. Just take a gander and what he is looking towards as an industry leader.

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