Warren Buffett Latest News

When discussing the Warren Buffett latest stock ownership and investment over the past year in 2017, one must look at the companies which many of us are familiar with or have heard the name. Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Bank of America, and American Express company are just a few of the names of companies which Warren Buffett had ownership in last year. From all of these investments, he ultimately grew Berkshire Hathaway investments by 60 billion dollars. Though it is true that part of these gains was due to a change in the US tax code by the incoming change of presidency to Donald Trump, ultimately the latest stocks are not necessarily the newest ones to arise on the markets.

In order for something to be investable for Warren Buffett, it has to have a solid track record in history. So for example, it is notable that Warren Buffett did not invest last year in emerging technological social media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, or SnapChat. Just because a company is very popular does not mean that their business is very popular. A company like Bank of America or Wells Fargo which has been around for a very long time is a much different business model than the business model of Snapchat, for example. Although Snapchat is very widely used and very popular in as much as Wells Fargo, Snapchat’s stock has only been opened on the market for a few months and does not have a solid track record yet. More information on the latest Warren Buffett stock ownership can be found in his letter to investors at www.berkshirehathaway.com/letters.

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