Warren Buffett Jay Z

Warren Buffett and Jay-Z set down with Forbes for an interview. To discuss their financial success in their respective industries. Getting a basic knowledge of where they came from and how they became so successful in finance and entertainment. In regards to Warren Buffet, it helped the viewer get an understanding of his practices.

The interview started off with Warren Buffett explaining his childhood and how he had an advantage of being a white male in the 1930’s, born to an investment banker, where he had access to financial books that he would read early on in his childhood. Having a love for reading and numbers that was developed by his father who saw a great deal of potential in his son.

He also developed a basic understanding of what a good investor is versus one that might struggle in the industry. Showing that he never goes off of emotions when it comes down to investing. That in investing you should have an even balance of how you feel no matter the direction of the stock.

With the market sometimes, stocks go up and down and you must remain on one accord if you want to be successful in investing. Learning that even if you are successful one day, that it might not be the same next with the same company. Showing how you have to ride the wave with whatever comes your direction for investments.

The Warren Buffett and Jay-Z interview gave a lot of perspective on how Warren Buffett looks at investing and how it has shaped the way he invest because of his personality and practices that lend him to smart investments versus emotions that can lead him to detriment.

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