Warren Buffett IUD Funding

Warren Buffett has made a whole new revolution to the world for women and the way that they work. Warren Buffett made a change for the best when it comes to the women and the way that they have the choice when it comes to the things that they put inside their body.

Warren Buffett and his family have made sure that there is funding when it comes to the way that women have the right to decide the course of birth control that is right for them. This funding made it where birth control can be given easier rather than harder.

Warren Buffett has changed the way that women can get the birth control and that’s for the best. When women go into a clinic and are there to get birth control this is the one that most try to go for. They are the least expensive and are the fastest working one. Having birth control is as common as having a condom which is something that should be used no matter what method is being presented. These tiny machines inside a woman’s body made it where $6 billion dollars worth of them was sold in the year 2013 and is something that is going to continue to grow as time goes on. With Warren Buffett’s family paying for this they are making it where tons of women have the option to use birth control.

Having birth control can make it where there are less unplanned pregnancies in the world which mean that there are fewer children in the foster homes. All of this is a reason why his family decided to make birth control easier to get without all of the complications that are presented. Working on something that helps so many women out there makes Warren Buffett look even better in the eyes of the people.

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