Warren Buffett Is Against Email And Text Messages And Here’s Why.

Warren Buffett is one of the most notable investors in the world, and with good reason, because he has perfected the art of value investing. There are many specific rules that Warren Buffett follows in his business and personal life, such as no extravagant spending and he is known for being an extremely frugal person. Warren Buffett is world renowned as a financial expert, and he is showing no signs of slowing down even at 87 years old. What makes Warren Buffett a great investor is that he actually believes in the companies that he is purchasing shares of, and in turn, his shareholders reap the benefits.

So where does the Oracle of Omaha stand on technology? Well, Warren Buffett has famously told CNBC that he refrains from using all types of email or text messages. He just doesn’t use them, and he prefers to communicate with his colleagues in person or via good old-fashioned phone call. Naturally, a man who is worth billions doesn’t need to tire himself with a silly old email box, and Warren Buffett stands by this. He keeps most aspects of his life extremely simplistic, often times still being seen eating at the Omaha Mcdonalds that is near his office.

Warren Buffett is a true staple of American business and resilience and he is one of the last superb investors around. Berkshire Hathaway staff have also stated that Warren refuses to use email, and their office is still pretty much similar to the way that it was during the last fifty years that the company has been in business. The fact that Warren likes consistency is one of the reasons that his business is the strongest in the world. Next time you are wondering if the richest man in the world uses an email box, the answer is no.

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