Warren Buffett IQ

There are a lot of people that will sit around and claim that they have the highest IQ in the world that is all well and good but if you listen to Warren Buffet the IQ you need to be successful at investing is 130. Too many people these days are getting overrun with the thought of having a high IQ and that they are the smartest person in the world. Billionaire Warren Buffet will be the first to tell you that the importance of a high IQ is very much overrated and that the 130 number will be all you need to worry about.

On average our natural IQ is around 115 for the average person so an IQ of 130 is a very easy thing to obtain and help you to understand markets and the things that you need to know when looking to make an investment in a certain stock. The more that you know in advance then the better that you will be prepared for what comes down the road. Let the people that boast of having a large IQ fight over who is the smartest person on the planet. Be like Warren Buffet and you can be one of the richest people around and put all that intelligence to shame.

In closing the advice that you need to adhere to is to not get caught up in being the smartest person around but instead look at being the smartest investor that you can be. That is where your true power will lie. Warren Buffet knows what he talks about after all he is a certified billionaire and has been guiding others to investment success for a large number of years. all of that experience must be coming from somewhere and it’s obvious that he knows what he is doing as he is a billionaire.

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