Warren Buffett Investment Book

One of the richest people in the world Warren Buffett is an avid reader. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is the 3rd richest person in the world currently with a net worth of over $80 billion. As the head of this company, one thing he values is making wise investment decisions. The company which is worth over $400 billion has achieved such success because Warren Buffett is brilliant. He makes investment decisions that are thought out. To him, it is not about great ideas only; it is about the concept meeting all the requirements to qualify as a good investment.

Warren Buffett was influenced to join business from a very tender age. He started looking for investment idea at the age of 7 years. He could read books on investment to fully understand it. His father was also an investor. He had a small shop from where Buffett would pick up the investment books that were lying around.

Buffett’s passion for reading saw him become a regular guest at the Omaha public library. He could look for books on investment and read them thoroughly. While he was looking for the best investment book, he came across a book titled “The Intelligent Investor.” This is the book that changed his life. His passion for investment was given a boost. This book was authored by Benjamin Graham, a former business professor at the University of Columbia. It was published in 1949.

From this book, Warren Buffet picked a very important business strategy of “Value Investing.” This is a strategy whereby the one should buy undervalued stocks and hold them for a long term. He also learnt that value investing does not only depend on technical analysis but also the mental approach. Today, Warren Buffett says that temperament plays a significant role in picking the best stocks.

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