Warren Buffett Interview

The life of Warren Buffett his investments US Economic Recovery and personal insights conversation in a live interview. He is a very respected investor in the world and a businessman with integrity and one of the largest philanthropist in the United States.

He was not interested in going to school since he was a little boy he enjoyed working by himself doing small business he files a tax return when he was thirteen years old. Consequently the school was not his priority but he went to the University of Nebraska and Columbia Business School.

When he was young he began to study a manual of 8000 pages about stocks securities equities and everything about investing. He learned from other people and he also made mistakes but he said that he is not a genius just a smart person.

The Warren Buffett Interview went well he talks about one person from GEICO insurance that taught him a lot and also another man from Washington both were a positive influence in his life the achievements he reached were above everything he will ever imagine.

He is a father a grandfather and a great-grandfather he and his wife are giving away 99% of his net worth to different foundations. He likes to buy stocks buy companies and he mentioned that he is a better investor because he is a better businessman.

Consequently Warren Buffett has 75 companies with 700 employees. Also he does not like to negotiate every time he talks to someone he speaks with some managers every day and sometimes he does not. In fact he said that to make deals you have to act fast and to have a good judgment about where should the money go.

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