Warren Buffett Insurance Quotes

One of the best thing that Warren Buffett advice the investors and those who are in the business field is to make sure that their property is insured in the right insurance company. The insurance company is the best guarantee that can keep these investors to keep on moving with the investment and business career.

The reason why Buffett has been able to be even named as the world most luxurious person and most influential economic adviser on the United States is that he owns up an insurance company and have ensured all the properties that are under Berkshire Hathaway Company. One thing that the billionaire Warren Buffett has been very passionate about is the insurance company. In the year 1967, Buffett invested in this sector when he acquires one of the indemnities belonging to the National Indemnity.

On one of his report that he usually writes annually, he recalls that one of the significant decision that does help him until today is the decision to invest in the insurance company. Due to this the company that he is currently the president and also the chairman of the same firm Berkshire Hathaway has managed to have three of the best insurance company, and Buffett has established some of the well-outlined policy to guide them during their decision making. The most significant company among this three is the Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance Group.

Buffett and his team have formed a very well able group of management to guide and control all the activities happening here. In the year 1996 one of the most surprising thing Berkshire did is that it took all the shares of the GEICO insurance firm and made it under their own company and policy. Since then the company has made an increase of about 12% from what it previously made. Buffett has now more companies on insurance that is why he forms some quotes.

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