Warren Buffett in the Office

Despite being known world allover for expertise in stock investments, Warren Buffett is a man of many talents one of them being acting. Warren Buffett is part of the cast in a movie finale. The TV Show known as “The Office” was a NBC film. Warren Buffett appeared on the Finale of the 50-minutes show. The Oracle of Omaha, as he is popularly known, took on the role of a boss in a fictional company and performed his part exemplary well.
The Office is not the first film where Warren Buffett has featured, there are other films which have played a role also, in the past. He appeared in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Warren Buffett is not the only elite billionaire to participate in film-making, many others have graced the televisions playing various screen roles.

The decision to participate in film making is something that many people may wonder of its importance. These are people who make millions in an hour. Why would they need to participate in an activity that will end up paying peanuts compared to what they can earn from their job? Warren Buffett is the perfect example of what the elite billionaires do with what they get from participation in the films.

One of the checks he has received for his role in a film was never cashed. It was a 700-dollar check that he framed and placed it in his office as a souvenir. So essentially the reason Warren Buffett engages in film making can be said to be for fun. It is always good to take a break from the routine and try something else. Warren Buffett joins the list of other elite billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Brandon, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates who have also participated in film making.

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