Warren Buffett In Recent News

Being that Warren Buffett is an avid businessman as well as investor he has companies as well as people all over the world watching to see what he will do with his stock money running the conglomerate company Berkshire Hathaway he has made millions of dollars in the stock exchange there for people all over the world tune in to see what the latest move is by the genius investor. Warren Buffett has books as well as other media outlets that sell very well to young and restless investors looking for a come up as they believe Warren Buffet is essentially a genius trying to give his secrets out for $15 or even cheaper on the online platforms.

One reason that the company has such a huge mass of money is Apple One buffet has recently sunk five billion dollars into Apple hoping to see what turns in the near future this is not the first time Warren Buffett has been this he also invested 5 billion dollars and Goldman Sachs in his last days of business to prevent the company from going under water and has gotten a return investment of $3000000 already and a fair amount of shares for the company. To this day Berkshire Hathaway owns 160 million shares of Apple they even though it to about 28 million dollars in today’s market what Warren Buffett being the genius that he is plans on not spending the money but waiting until the exact right time to sell it for the highest price so that he may pursue other endeavors after he is done with his interest in apple many people do not get Warren Buffett style of stock broking and it’s just great to him because he has his own way of telling when stocks are ready to sell and he also has the ability to accept failure.

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