Warren Buffett Illuminati

In the world of conspiracy theories, anyone that is in power or rich may be a part of any of these conspiracies. Warren Buffett is no exception to the rule he has found his name tossed around in many of the conspiracy theories called the Illuminati.

The term Illuminati means the “enlightened ones”. And nowadays with social media and streaming services, it’s easy to find articles on who is in the Illuminati or find documentaries on why someone is possibly in this elite group of people. Not to say that the Illuminati stands for something so positive. Its meaning has been synonymous with the meaning that the individual associated to this group is a part of the 1% that is there to rule or destroy others at their so choosing.

Warren Buffett has found his name thrown into the mix of the Illuminati because of how rich he is with his over 85 billion dollars net worth. Anytime someone of his stature has accumulated so much wealth; it is cause for speculation on how he did it and whose toes he had to step on to get there. Conspiracy theorists believe that those that are in high power have to sacrifice someone else to gain riches and power.

Warren Buffett has seen himself grow from humble beginnings to a massive fortune. Putting him in a top-tier group that many will not ever get to meet or understand on a personal basis. Even though he is lumped in with the conspiracy theory of being in the Illuminati he shakes those opinions off and keeps giving to those less fortunate.

Even though he has to deal with those types of speculation and opinions Warren Buffett has not stopped being one of the greatest investors or donators to charities.

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