Warren Buffett: “I could end the deficit in five minutes”.

The deficit is going to be a problem for many Americans. Over the years, the country has lost their control when it comes to spending on the military and social security. Some will bring up the war in Afghanistan, but it was a war fought for millions of miles away. Some people that lost their lives didn’t even know the reasons why they were fighting. That was ultimately a lose-lose situation. But if we want to end this deficit, it is going to take a lot of working together of different communities and ideologies. You get so much out of just talking to people.

Whether you like Donald Trump or not is irrelevant. Some of the money that his businesses make are going to US treasury. That means even if he is making a small dent in reducing the deficit, he is still doing a lot more than others. For this act, he should be commended for. The deficit is so large that if you take wealthiest billionaires in American and all of their money went to the treasury, they still wouldn’t have much of an effect. That may cause a %4 reduction of the deficit at the most.

Today, the generation of young people are the ones likely to suffer the most. They, by far have the most potential when it comes to losing their social security. Politicians are afraid now because they don’t know if future politicians are qualified to do their duty to make sure that the deficit ends. Someone like Warren Buffet could make a deal that could make most of everything go away. All he needs is the support of the people. All he needs is something to get his back on. Something that almost every person can identify with nature to make it go away.

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