Warren Buffett : How Much is He Worth?

Warren Buffett, the man, the legend. Many questions about this man have been asked but there is one that is always repeated, Warren Buffett, How much is he worth? The legend is worth no less than $84.1 billion, this is because he has all of his wealth in Berkshire Hathaway stock. Buffett says on PBS Newshour. “I’m already happy. I would be happy with, you know — certainly with $100,000 a year, I could be very happy.” Warren Buffett even though he is worth $84.1 billion, he would be fine living off of $100 thousand a year.

Warren Buffett, how much is he worth? Even as a young child he was worth more than his teachers as he would make $175 a month. His Entrepenual skills seem to have started when he was born. This man would do anything to get money to invest, including oddball jobs. With that money, he would then invest in pinball machines and place them into multiple different businesses so start his own personal investment. As he grew to a teenager, at the age of sixteen he was worth $53 thousand dollars. Which at his age and time was an extraordinary amount, proving that if you put your heart and soul into something, then you can accomplish anything.

Warren Buffett even though he is worth $84.1 billion, he has still lived in the same house that he bought at a younger age, Warren states, “And if I could spend $100 million on a house that would make me a lot happier, I would do it. But, for me, that’s the happiest house In the world. And it’s because it’s got memories, and people come back, and all that sort of thing.” This legend may be worth a lot but he chooses to live a modern life. So Warren Buffett, how much is he worth?

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