Warren Buffett Hoop Dreams

Offer first by Quicken Loans in the year 2014 for the sum of 1 billion dollars Warren Buffett has set out to create his own matching game in the season of March Madness Warren Buffett wages than anyone who can predict the ending of March Madness or even make it to the Sweet 16 for that matter will be a warrior $1000000 a year for life since Warren Buffett is a millionaire philanthropist who donates to so many causes this million dollars it’s just another charitable donation to him it is available for all employees of his company ranging from Dairy Queen to Gieco the company has subsidiaries of every kind and every employee of each branch is eligible for this competition meaning that millions have the chance to enter in and win this competition keep in mind that your odds of winning will essentially be the same as playing the lottery as there is essentially no way for one to predict this wild series of games different teams acquire new players each year rankings change as well as current team players gaining new skills and moves to sway the competition in the next year to come.

This NCAA tournament features teams from all over the country and will go on until the final 4 which is the final stages of the tournament. As time goes on only sheer luck or a genius statistic in basketball will win this bet in the future Warren Buffet’s wager is not only for winners of this challenge one employee regardless of participation or not will be given 100,000 dollars at random and if anyone makes it past the sweet 16 of the rankings they will qualify to win the 1000000 dollars this is how hard it is to even get close to guessing the right outcomes of the game.

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