Warren Buffett Homes

Billionaire,Warren Buffett has owned several homes over the years. Many of them were unique. Even today, they have appreciated in value.

Warren Buffett owned a vacation home in Laguna Beach, California. Mr. Buffett paid $150,000 for the property in 1971. He recently listed it for approximately $11 Million Dollars. It still currently lies on a corner lot and has a view of The Emerald Bay. The home has a dining room area, a large living space includes a family room with a fireplace, five bedrooms and seven bathrooms with a view from a skylight-topped kitchen. Two of the bedrooms have separate entrances. Mr. Buffett had mainly used it as a beach retreat for his family.

One of his earliest homes was in 1958, in Omaha, Nebraska. Mr. Buffett paid $31,500 for this house for about $250,000 in today’s money. The house was an original 1921 stucco structure, which over time, has had some additions. It is approximately 6,570 square feet, but it is just a few thousand square feet short of being a mansion.

Warren Buffett has mentioned that this house was the third best investment he ever accomplished. For an investment, he bought a house he could pay for. He explained that although he likes many material things like boats and jets, he was contented that his whole family gained over fifty years of happy memories. He also mentioned that the purchase of his Nebraska home, was for stock purposes. Mr. Buffett would have made far more money if he rented and used the purchase money to buy stocks.

Mr. Buffett never overlooked, but he knew that the idea of a home is for living in, rather than just the value of its prices.

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