Warren Buffett Holdings

Berkshire Hathaway owns stocks for Warren Buffett who has bought Apple, the second largest stock holding besides Wells Fargo. Berkshire Hathaway had $28.21 billion dollars in market value at the end of 2017. It went up from $7.09 billion in 2016. Buffett has invested in the Mac, the iPad, and the iPhone maker throughout 2017 because Apple is on Berkshire Hathaway’s list of 15 biggest stocks from 2017. Apple is the only technology stock on Buffett’s list. Wells Fargo tops that list with $29.28 billion invested. Bank of America is third, at $20.66 billion. Apple has a 16.5% stake in Berkshire’s total stock investment portfolio at the end of 2017, vs. 5.8% in 2016, Berkshire’s portfolio became $170. 54 billion.

Buffett has sold out of General Electric (GE), which is a troubled stock to buy because of the company status. Warren Buffet’s 2018 stock picks include IBM, at $146.88 a share. Apple Inc. starts at $164.42 cents. Berkshire Hathaway has $100 billion in cash assets alone. Buffett believes in finding stocks at reasonable prices. Berkshire Hathaway bought 31 million more shares of Apple, giving them a 23% increase in the firm’s position. Berkshire Hathaway’s stake in Apple is valued at more than 27 billion, which represents close to 15% of the firm’s total equity portfolio value. Apple stock is Buffett’s largest holding at this time, since last year as well. Apple’s performance with sales this year has the law of large numbers working against them. To keep up, Apple needs $20 billion in business, assuming that iPhone sales that are 60% of revenue, get maintained at that rate. Apple’s competitors such as IBM, reduce the profits. Buffett feels that any interest of his in stock is an interest in the business, not as ticker symbols that require buying or selling.

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