Warren Buffett Holdings 2015

Warren Buffet’s portfolio puts any other portfolio in the world to shame and just to show you guys the absolute scale of what he has built over his lifetime, I’m going to walk you through his portfolio today.

The CNBC has a great track of the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio. Berkshire Hathaway is Warren Buffet’s Company although he doesn’t own all of it but he owns a large portion, he actually owns about 40% of the Company so let’s talk about his other holdings.

1. Warren Buffett has 134million holdings and 2.6% stake in Apple worth 22.95 billion dollars
2. Costco – 4.3million shares and a 1% stake totalling
3. Bank of America Co-Op – 20 Billion Dollars with 6.5% stake.
4. American Airline – 47million shares totaling about 2.46 Billion Dollars
5. Bank of New York – 50.2million shares and 4.86% in stake totaling about 2.7 Billion Dollars
6. Graham Holdings – 107 thousand shares and 1.94 in stakes totaling 60million dollars.
7. American Express – 154.6million shares and 17.47% stake totaling
about 14.9 Billion Dollars.
8. Delta Airlines – 53.1million shares and 7.45% shares totalling about 2.9billion Dollars.
9. Davida Inc. – 36million shares and 21.4% totaling about 2.7billion Dollars
10. Coca-Cola – 400million shares and a 9.39% in stake totaling 18.3 Billion Dollars.
11. Southwest Airlines – 47.5million in shares and 8%in stake totalling 3.1 Billion Dollars
12. Mastercard Inc. – 4.9million shares and 0.4% totalling 748 million Dollars.

Warren Buffett has a stake in most of the leading companies in the world today and his Graham Holdings shares of 60million dollars is one of his smallest and most people would kill to have that kind of stock. All the above-listed holdings are only a fraction of Warren Buffett’s entire holdings and as time goes on we would bring you a more analytical breakdown of his other shares.

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