Warren Buffett Helps Students

Warren Buffett has found a new interest in teaching students that speak other languages. He knows that using PowerPoint made by Microsoft helps them to understand. Also, he passes out information for them to read and interpret on their own. Warren Buffett story in Hindi explains how remarkable Buffett’s books are to other children in different countries. It seems like those students are gaining interest in learning about stocks, index funds, and Berkshire Hathaway.

Buffett chooses to speak in English, but he does have an interpreter available if he ever needs one. Warren Buffett may have friends that speak in Spanish, and it seems that the area inquire more about stocks whenever that happens. Buffett loves to speak to his grandchildren in other languages, but he feels like English is enough for him. His unique perception of business and values of home life helps him to see the value in other families.

Warren Buffett receives a lot of emails that are talking about purchasing stocks. The index funds only come around every once in a while, and with that being said, business students want to put their money in, but it seems like they only want to buy from Berkshire Hathaway instead of listening about purchasing in other business avenues.

Buffett and his wife seem to do well with running Berkshire Hathaway. At times, Warren Buffett’s wife works on other family business ventures. Technology is still one of Buffett’s main stock investments. And as life continues, Warren Buffett looks for index funds to make a difference in his family’s lives.

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