Warren Buffett Heart Transplant

Warren Buffett is a wealthy individual with a lot of wealth invested in the United States being associated with him. One of the latest challenges that he has is that he was diagnosed with a heart problem. He says that most of the diseases are brought up by the meals we occasionally eat from our table. He remarked by saying that most of these diseases were affecting the young people because for him when he was at the age of 84 ensured that the meals that were cooked to him were being prepared by experienced chefs.

The statistics according to Buffett shows that the lowest death rate is among those at the age of 6 years and that is the reason why he says that he wants to eat like this six years kids. According to Buffett a heart transplant though it might work well for you, it is among the most significant challenge that you can find yourself in it at any point in your life.

In some ways, the report that was released by some news is yet to be confirmed whether Buffett has a heart problem or he is going any transplant. During an interview when he was asked about this, he responded by saying that if he has got any problem to do with his health he has no reason to hide and he would let the Americans know about it.

He added that this was just allegation and that he worked for the people of America because most of his wealth has even pledged to give out to various charity foundations. Buffett also said that for him he lived a simple life that is not different from others. He confirmed that for he does not have to undergo any heart transplant for now and those are mere allegations and should be ignored.

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