Warren Buffett Healthcare

The president of the Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett and the company called the Morgan Chase were forming up a partnership in January to come up with one of the most prominent health care in the United States.

Though this news was prematurely released, there was more fact in them. For those firms and the health insurance company were not happy with this decision made by this billionaires. They thought that their profit would decrease from what they were earning in this health sector. Although no one knew about the new coming health care, it was attributed that the hospital will charge nothing and all its services will be offered for free.
The reason why this information was kept out of public was that the planning was on their early development and once everything is done, they will make an official announcement. Many people thought that the report released by Warren Buffett yearly would give a clear indication of the progress of this health, but to their surprise, nothing was being released out.

The hospital to be formed has to undergo different stages for approval because they first have to decide whether the will make it appear like a company or not. The healthcare for it to be formed according to him it will require joint effort and not just for the sake of developing it but for the wellbeing of the people. The primary objective of the health organization will bring health service to people and where they can be treated at their comfort without necessarily giving out their finances. The other reason is to regulate the rise in health care cost to better one that is affordable to all.
Buffet argued that the healthcare sector does not necessarily need to control the GDP of the country like the past years.

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