Warren Buffett Health

It’s very saddening to see the champion of the health sector in America and world third richest person getting very bad advice about health. Warren Buffett who is affected by the problem of the prostate cancer is seen to get the worst advice about how he can be treated. Although the tycoon announces that he was at the beginning stages of the prostate cancer.

The reason he announced this was due to the pain that he was experiencing during the time of urination and also he felt uncomfortable in his bone. When he was at the age of 81 years he went for a blood test to identify whether he had prostate cancer or not.

The problem arose when Buffett underwent the dangerous PSA test which did not show a good result about the state of cancer that he had. The bad side of this PSA test is that instead of showing the accurate result it goes on to increase the spread of the prostate cancer. In this case, the level of the disease in Warren Buffett had increase according to this test that was carried out.

The decision that he had made was worse as it didn’t exactly show the clear result of the cancer development. Those at the age of 80s should have a lesson to learn from this as not to try the PSA method of performing the test as is not very accurate and again it put them under too much risk of getting worse in their cancer stages.

The doctors should also have the care to realize that knowledge is better than money by especially when it comes to the matters of decision making. In the reality, after assuming all this the prostate cell have not spread either too much unaggressive. Those who advised him should carry responsible act when it comes to search matters of health.

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