Warren Buffett HBO Documentary

Warren Buffet starts his morning off with his favorite fast food restaurant McDonald’s. He orders a Sausage McMuffin with a coca Cola. This is the start of the day for a genius businessman ans investor who doesn’t set parameters for himself, he set a inner score card that allows him to determine what his truth worth is and how far he should push himself. In the Warren Buffet Documentary this was showcased and viewers were allowed to be apart of life of one of the riches men in the world.

As a child he was given by his aunt a World Almanac as a child where he remembered and knew how to recall the numbers that he saw in the book. He had a photogenic that would allow him to do this at leisure. At 7 years old read a book called a thousand ways to make $1,000; which transformed the rest of his life with entrepreneurship. As a child at around five to six o”clock in the morning he would make money delivering a penny paper.

It then takes you to the offices of Berkshire Hathaway. A holding company that is the fourth largest Fortune 500 company, the company itself owns shares of a large number of separate companies that operate on their own, around 80 individual businesses.
It shows how is father started his own investment company and how his dad didn’t believe in money he believed in using his inner scorecard. He learned a lot of his personal philosophies from his dad. His dad ran for congress when he was 12 and the family moved to Washington, DC.

The Warren Buffet Documentary showed truths in his childhood that gave the viewer an understanding of who is today. Why he operates the way he does.

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