Warren Buffett HBO Documentary reveals his Personal Life

Becoming Warren Buffet is an HBO documentary that features billionaire Warren Buffett outlining his life story and how he got to the point of being one of the richest persons in the world. The documentary reveals inside information on the day-day life of the billionaire who conquered the investment business sector many years ago.

The documentary features his life from the time he was a child to now he is over 80 years old. The documentary also shows his personal life as a husband and a father. In the documentary reveals some of the well-kept personal details of his life. Commonly known as the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett recently decided that he will give all his wealth to charity. Already he has given over $25 billion of his wealth and will continue until such a time when he has given all of it.

To understand why he has taken this step, one needs to watch the “Becoming Warren Buffett” documentary. Warren Buffett was born into a humble family. However, his character from a young age was different from other children. He was inquisitive and wanted to always be the best. He had traits of a brilliant kid who had unique talents in mathematics and number. In the documentary, Warren Buffett reveals how he loved tormenting his teachers.

At that time, the only stock teachers would invest in was the AT&T. He decided to challenge them. He went and short the AR&T stocks and brought the confirmation to the teacher. They were astonished since they never thought he was aware of the stock business. He was 13 years old while doing this. Warren Buffett also reveals in the documentary how he rose to be an elite billionaire and why he entrusted his charity work to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Warren Buffett is a very good friend with Bill Gates.

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