Warren Buffett HBO Doc

The Life and Legacy of Warren Buffett is a true American story that takes the viewer on a journey when they watch his HBO documentary becoming Warren Buffett. It shows his life from the beginning to his present day and how he has become a Power House of a billionaire that has set high standards on how to treat those on your way up.

Born in 1930, Warren Buffett was born into an entrepreneurial home after his father was laid off. He began a career in investments that proved to leave a big impact on the young Warren. He had a love and admiration for his father because of the kindness he showed him as a child. He respected the way his father went about life and learned a lot from him with the way his persona was.

He had pivotal points in the documentary that showed how his talents were cultivated from his past until today. He studied under his mentor Benjamin Graham a financial expert that was a major player in the way he thought about investing. He learned great things from the educator that has long-lasting effects on how he works today.

He always shared his phobia that he had in public speaking, and that how it was such a problem for him that he decided to get training for his fear. He attended the Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking. This had a major impact on his life and helped him become one of the greatest speakers of our generation and eliminated his fears.

Warren Buffett has transformed this generation of entrepreneurs, investors, and educators. Giving a sense of hope for those who want to achieve limitless possibilities. Warren Buffett HBO documentary takes you on a journey, that is well guided by Warren Buffett himself.

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