Warren Buffett Has More Plans In 2018

As far as Buffett is concerned, he feels like he needs to bring in two more guys to start running Berkshire Hathaway in different departments. Buffett’s company is doing well, and he has enjoyed being the CEO, but he plans to increase in areas of sales within two departments in his company. The 87-year-old wants to be able to relax more.

Under one name, there are 60 businesses. Buffett feels like he has done an outstanding job of keeping the business running. The two guys, whom he is picking, Jain and Abel are racing to get to the top. There the only position could be in management according to Buffett.

Basically, he would love for them to oversee if they could handle all of the paperwork and calls. Buffett plans on seeing if they are well-organized and can accept that he still is the CEO. At times, it seems like they want his chair, but the businessman is not retiring anytime soon.

Buffett did think of his son when he thought of expanding in the areas of business, but Howard Buffett already has a responsibility in his own company. He does help out, but he feels that it would be too much for him to handle. Warren and Howard will decide together if this is these are the right jobs for Jain and Abel.

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