Warren Buffett Has A Wonderful History of Education

Warren Buffett started looking into investments as a child. He felt like the best investments would happen if he grew into them. Where did Warren Buffett go to high school? As many of his followers and fans note, Warren attended Woodrow Wilson High School. There, he meets his best friend and later on decided to continue pursuing his pinball machine business.

Warren Buffett started from distributing candy as a business. From there, he started selling newspapers and magazines. The most important accomplishment that Warren Buffett experienced is that he was able to save money all through his high school and college years.

Buffett loved his high school classes and continued to break into the business industry by focusing on economics and business principles. There, Buffett grew into the well-known business owner around the neighborhood. Most people knew him as a person that would wok deals with you. For example, he would allow you to purchase candy for half the price if you were a regular customer. His candy sales afforded him to purchase pinball machines and have a business partner in on the trade.

Warren Buffett journey through his learning. He didn’t want to attend high school because of feeling like he should stay in the arcade industry. Buffett wanted to continue that route and watch the sales of stock. Once he had a conversation with his best friend, Buffett knew that he should take his knowledge and learning to the next level.

Warren Buffett did enjoy what he learned in college. And with the learning and expertise, Warren is still today’s top stockbroker. He is valued beyond the businesses that he owns, and he continues to invest his money where he needs to in order to create another avenue to invest more money in. Warren Buffett is a proud owner of Berkshire Hathaway. He is currently finding that as long as he pays attention to where he invests, he makes more fortune.

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